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Moving up Unlimited provides training, coaching and consulting in professional presence and personal branding.


Kathleen Watson founded Moving Up Unlimited in 2006. Elaine Emch assumed the position of principal in 2013, bringing a background in strategic planning, marketing, communications and culture change to the business. 


Both Kathy and Elaine have long believed that if you want to be perceived as a competent, credible professional, it is easier if you look and act the part. In graduate school, they learned about research that underscored that belief: our perceptions are indeed our reality.


You can be the best accountant, the best IT professional, the best personal trainer, the best graphic designer or the best loan officer on the planet. But if you don’t project a professional presence that makes a positive first impression, it might not matter how good you are. It is human nature to make immediate judgments about people based on what we see.


Many highly capable people feel they don’t get the respect they deserve in the workplace.  It may not be fair to judge people by their clothes, grooming and posture, but we all do it, day in and day out. We’re hard-wired that way. So we help people look in the mirror to discover how they look — and sound — to others. 


One client lost his position through a reorganization of his firm. The first thing the outplacement executive said to him was, “Lose weight, dye your hair and get your suits pressed. Oh, and make sure the suits fit!” This man was a highly talented and experienced lawyer, yet his professional image did not match his skills. 


When you know you look good and are doing the right things, your confidence soars. And it shows.


Call today. Everyone deserves the chance to be the best they can be.

Confidence, Competence and Credibility — Without Saying a Word.

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