What Clients Are Saying

“All of the information presented regarding How to Appear Confident, Competent, and Credible Without Saying A Word was very useful in helping the participants understand that a major part of their communication is nonverbal. Thank you again.”


Vice President of Training & Development, North Shore Bank

“Since the completion of our training, our sales, customer service and marketing staff are more confident and professional in presenting themselves to customers and others in both business and social situations. The results are evident in their proposals and interactions. I highly recommend that companies invest in this kind of employee development if they want their staff members to reach their full potential.”


CEO, Phoenix Products, Inc.

“It is very gratifying to hear how often my staff refer to the training presented and talk about how they are implementing the tips and techniques. I can’t think of a business or individual that would not benefit from the workshops Moving Up Unlimited offers. From working a room to maintaining proper eye contact, from being present with a client to extending a firm handshake, everyone could improve in these areas and be more profitable because of it.”


President, Bella Domicile

“Thank you for the wonderful training session. I had fun and learned more about the real world in four hours than I have in four years!”


Recent college graduate

“Your presentation on nonverbal communication gave us in-depth insights about how to enhance the way we use body language. Details were provided that collectively could make a job interview. I got quite a bit of useful information from your visit.”


Graduate student

“The presentation on nonverbal communication was excellent and very intriguing. All of the points were helpful and important for people to consider in their daily interactions.”


Dept. of Family & Community Medicine, University of Illinois College of Medicine

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